Vivo Fencing Registration

Continuing students need to sign up with Vivo to become non-competing members of the USFA once a year. It’s only $10.

Since Vivo is a fencing club mostly for kids, you may have to fill in a couple of fields with placeholder values for weapon, be your own parent etc.


HROARR has many PDF manuals available in their manual section. Of most interest to beginning Forte students is the Liechtenauer Composite made from several early sources in the tradition.

If you would like to really dig into the breadth of what is available, the Wiktenauer is what you want.


Purpleheart Armory is a great source for HEMA equipment of all kinds. The site has enough equipment to be a bit intimidating - if you're looking for practice swords the longsword page is what you want. The VB techniques feder and Italian feder both get good reviews and are inexpensive.

HEMA Supplies has Regenyei feders for longswords and many other weapons, as well as Sparring Gloves and a few other items.

There's a lot of bad interpretation out there, but there are a few people putting together worthwhile resources. The Illustrated Ringeck on facebook is a pretty nice set of modern photos that cover Liechtenauer longsword. Because facebook is a terrible place for information you'll have to scroll way back to start at the beginning.